Month: May 2019

Universal Studio Resort

This link is us walking through the city walk. It’s about a 4 minute walk. Another Park that is fun to go to is…. Universal Studios. I love this park just as much as I enjoy Disney World . So I remember how i felt and when I was trying to explain it to my…

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Naomi’s Corner

Hey guys and welcome back, so today i’m going to tell you how to act, so you need to act grateful, respectful and you need to say thank you. if you maybe do not act right, your parents might want to take you back. 05/29/2019

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Mommy and Daughter Time

Ride it or Waiting?? I’ve been a rider since I could remember, now on the other hand Naomi is not a rider at all, it like pulling teething to get her to get on a ride. Here is a few rides we are gonna ask if we would ride or just Wait. 05/29/2019 “The ride…

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