Month: May 2019

Universal Studio Resort

Another Park that is fun to go to is…. Universal Studios. I love this park just as much as I enjoy Disney World . So I remember how i felt and when I was trying to explain it to my Fiance Thomas, I made him a little guide that he could relate too. Now i…

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Word Scramble

Here is another game that the kids can do on the plane,or even you if you would like as well., or while waiting for the plane. Helps with spelling. Can keep them quiet for awhile and keep them focus. Not asking so many questions.

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Fun Activity on the plane

Here is an activity I made up for my kids to do on the plane to help pass some time while on the plane. Also a fun way to make memories while on the plane since you have to have your phone on airplane mode. This is also great for paying attention to small details…

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Naomi’s Corner

Hey guys and welcome back, so today i’m going to tell you how to act, so you need to act grateful, respectful and you need to say thank you. if you maybe do not act right, your parents might want to take you back. 05/29/2019

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Mommy and Daughter Time

Ride it or Waiting?? I’ve been a rider since I could remember, now on the other hand Naomi is not a rider at all, it like pulling teething to get her to get on a ride. Here is a few rides we are gonna ask if we would ride or just Wait. 05/29/2019 “The ride…

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The Mummy Ride

One of my Scary rides One of the rides that is fun to ride, but also scares me a little bit is the THE MUMMY RIDE. The wait in the line, shows good amount of the props that were used in the movies. You will see the actors that were in the movie, talk about…

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Naomi’s Corner

05/27/2019 Hello and welcome back to the vacation blogs and today I will be talking about the 6 things I need on the airplane so 1. I need my phone 2. my homework if I have any 3. and a book 4. a blanket 5. some headphones 6. and a bag to put my stuff…

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Minnie Mouse

Don’t forget Minnie and if you do not know who that is she is Mickey’s GF. This is one character you have to meet. Here is Naomi with Minnie Mouse. We met Minnie Mouse at Disney Hollywood Studios, at the Disney junior side of the park. You can see her and Mickey at all four…

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