Jurassic Park has turn into Jurassic World

ride view


Check the song out. You will hear this song playing through the ride

Remember to keep the admission ticket for both parks .

This was the first year back to the family tradition and how it felt going back on the family vacation.

getting our picture taken before the ride.
Thomas, Aliyah, and Me on Jurassic Park this was 2018 and we are at universal studios in Florida 2018

One ride that I still love is Jurassic Park, it’s still a fun ride. I even tried to see if Nehemiah was tall enough, it was just a little short, hoping this year he can ride it. It starts out nice and slow and then it turns up the heat a little bit and you get to meet the T-Rex and hope he doesn’t eat you. Hope the water doesn’t get you wet. I know I didn’t tell Naomi about the ride and I just put her on the ride and she was totally scared after the ride was all said and done. Now she won’t even ride it hope I can get her back on this ride. It has always given me the feeling like i was in the movie and I’m really trying to get away from the Dino’s. Just and FYI you can bring your phone on this ride, just know there is a possible your phone can get wet.

Ozsie, Grandma, Naomi, and Mom
Make sure to look at Naomi’s face you can see how scared she is and this is 2015 and we are in Florida.

Even now Naomi will tell you she won’t ride the ride at all!!

My family is on the last two rows. I’m not sure if this is California or Florida i do not remember the year

we did not ride this ride in 2019

This booklet helps with keep track of what you did while you were on your vacation, and help keep your memories in order.

here is the link to help plan your vacation to Universal Studios and Island of Adventure

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Well I’m a mother of two and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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