Jazzy’s (Electric Scooters)

the Family Picture its the first picture you will take (rented)
Thomas explaining how he feels about jazzys for my parents and for ourselves.
this was the rental one from shades of green 2018

The story Thomas is talking about is how my mother was getting her stuff together on her Jazzy, and her Minnie purse got stuck on the controls and it ran into the back of Thomas and she had a hard time getting the controls together. Do not get mad if the person on the Jazzy happens to run over you its not on purpose.

When you rent the jazzy’s from Universal Studios you get a name tag for your jazzy as well.

One thing that is different for me and my family is that my parent have to have the electric scooters (jazzy). I am the only one walking because the kids will either be in the stroller riding. One year my mom tried and went to a few theme parks without the jazzy, and she was sore and in some pain. I love that the theme parks has them as well so we can keep the memories coming. Also help when the kids get tired of standing in line, they can take a seat with the grandparents. One thing my father does with my daughter is he lets her drive the jazzy, and that is a way they bond. She is a pretty good driver of the Jazzy’s as well.

Mom explaining her jazzy
Family Picture ( these Jazzy my parent rented for the day)

If you feel you need a Electric Scooter, please go and get you one and don’t feel bad because you may even want one. At Universal Studios you will have to walk through the city walk before they are able to get to the station where they keep the Jazzy’s. At the Shades of Green Hotel, they can rent it from there and and the Shuttle Bus that takes us to the Disney Parks they already have the Jazzy, and are ready to go. (side note on the shuttle bus only two jazzy per bus)They just have to plug the Jazzy’s in their room and then they are ready to go. Also one thing that I like is that a lot of the rides are now accessible for wheelchairs and Jazzy’s. One of the memories I have about the jazzy’s is my mom, it was a little winding and we were in the Simpson part of the park and she rode her Jazzy into the ray of Sunlight and she tilt her head back, and Me and Thomas thought she die, and when we went over to check on her she was just fine. When we rode on splash mountain we had to go a different way then the normal way, because they are stairs and so that did cut off some of our waiting time. Most of the 3-D rides allow you to be in the Jazzy (Muppet’s 3-D, It’s tough to be a bug,) At one point my mom by accident ran Thomas over with her jazzy make sure you listen to the audio, because Thomas explain it.

My father sitting in his Jazzy. (rented)

Another memories of the Jazzy I have is that my mom was packing her bag and she had it on the controls, and she ran into Thomas with the Jazzy, she thought she had her hand on the brake, but it was on the gas.

Here is the scooters and the stroller all in one room at the hotel Shades of Green. (rented)

So this year I brought my parents traveling electronic scooters that that we wouldn’t have to rent them anymore, and i have called most airplane company’s and they say that it’s the same process as strollers. So if you are interested in buying one for yourself or even a family here is the link of the scooters I brought my parent’s

Grandpa and Ionyah on the Jazzy 2019 (own)


Grandpa on his jazzy 2019 (own)

We try the Jazzy out at Lagoon here is my mom’s review on them.

Mom explaining her jazzy review

Theses are the Jazzy I brought my parents

Grandma on her jazzy 2019 (own)

This year was really great when it came to the electric scooters. My parents were able to go through security with them. I did think it was a little bit of a wait to get the Jazzy from the Plane, but other then that it was great for my parents. They were able to get through the city walk. The battery life was great, the battery lasted from 10 am almost too 10 PM at night. My parent made sure the battery was charged, we always left after the green dots were not showing anymore. We brought the travel jazzy size. Overall I’m happy with the products we got my parents. My parents were really happy about it as well.

2018 or 2017


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