Day: April 22, 2019

Naomi Explaining Her Vacation

https://cvws.icloud-content.com/B/Ae6nqVZFb8canV3kWhAjUFa-9pBhAQmbA54CE6Qp1-7XouzXWFfVgS6P/IMG_1313.MOV?o=AiI_yM_z0-Ke5ulV84BvwDOgZn4DX2SVd_bEWED5AGo-&v=1&x=3&a=B5gN4rdqDWcdOPEppNJxwABP-qBNAwvWSgEACAHIAP8QZL0lA0stSg&e=1556571539&k=vUFs-q59gW3oeqxHzDh2qQ&fl=&r=9BF26832-43CD-4AFA-8C5D-1BF381360769-1&ckc=com.apple.largeattachment&ckz=5417291F-D0DF-492F-AD76-09DCB3A35E28&p=11&s=Jnvf7DJvgcno2FfkJZWYFOaMGww&teh=2 Naomi Did a video of herself explain what she does on the Family Vacations and what she enjoys as well on the vacations as well. I feel like you will get to know more of my children personalities while you watch. My daughter is the greatest to go on a vacation with. She is…

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