Winnie the Pooh Ride: the day that changed my life.

The ride that scared my family

ride view

Here is the link from Apple Music for the Theme song for Winnie The Pooh


Naomi Explaining the Story

One ride that gives me mixed emotions is the Winnie the Pooh ride. This is a kid friendly ride and all ages can ride it. Its not fast it goes at a medium speed, and it tells the story (cant remembered the story of the ride) I do remember that after the ride was over my daughter who sucks a binky (pacifier) drop it on the tracks of the ride as we were leaving, and then out of nowhere my daughter (Naomi) just jump down on the tracks to get the binky. I was yelling at Ozsie to get her I was trying to figure out who to give Nehemiah too, so I could try and get her. My father’s shirt got caught on the restrains of the ride, and my mother was pushing him to try and help me. The employee pushed the panic button and the ride came to a complete stop. Then Ozsie grab Naomi and then I walked into the gift shop and I didn’t talked I yelled “YOU DON”T DO THAT’, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!!! Then I hugged her and kissed her and told her that she just scared the crap out of me. and then my parents cried a little bit about how scared and nervous they were and then Uncle Ozsie came and gave his two seconds on the matter. Then the Disney Employee came and asked me some questions and then I filled out some paper work and then we went on to the next ride. You can take your phone on this ride.

Me and Ozsie with Winnie the Pooh

Ozsie Feeling:I don’t like it period it’s like that ride is of the devil, she could of left the binky there and we could of brought a new one.

Me with Eeyore

This was the first year back to the family tradition and how it felt going back on the family vacation.

here is the link for the map helper for Disney World

These are the auto graph books I made my kids

Rating: 1 out of 5.

If you have rode the ride please rate it

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Well I’m a mother of two and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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