How Much Longer: It’s hard waiting in line for the ride

talking about waiting in line
2019 splash mountain

One thing that I love about going to Disney World is waiting in line. Don’t get me wrong some times it sucks waiting, especially if you get close and then their is a technical problem Some times waiting is just hard. Just like when we rode the avatar ride it was a four hour wait, and even when we rode terror of terror that was a 2 hour wait. Its great to just talk, but don’t get me wrong sometimes standing that long your legs get tired.

2019 splash mountain

One memory I have about waiting in line is that when my cousin’s and my other brother Harold use to come, we were staying in line for the ride at Animal Kingdom Safari and she was walking and just rubbing her hand on the rail that keeps the line moving and then something just pricked her finger, she started to get teary eye and she said that it hurt really bad, and we told the employee at the front, that something pricked her, and they jump into action, to make sure she was okay. My mother went with my cousin Brittnee and took them to the first aid station. they were very thorough, evening asking if she wanted a x-ray.

Nehemiah waiting in line for One fish, two fish, blue fish, red fish

I know when I was waiting for the Avatar ride the wait was so long, that i almost cried, just because the line was not moving, but to be honest the ride was worth the wait. Thomas says about waiting in line it gave us family time, the wait sucked for the avatar, but that’s the only one I got tired of standing.

It gives us an opportunity to laugh and talk and enjoy each other’s company

Me and Naomi to waiting in line for Primeval whirl 2017
The kids waiting for the ride 2019
waiting in line to ride the Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom 2019
Me and my brother Harold waiting to ride a ride.


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Well I’m a mother of two and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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