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One thing that is different now is that you have apps, that have the show times and the wait time for rides and even how long the wait time is to eat. When I went when I was younger it was using the map and just having to pass by to see if the wait time is worth it. Now with the apps you can plan you day a little more better I think, because now that everyone has a cell phone you can just be one click away from making sure you meet the attractions you would like to see.

above are the apps that you will need for the trip and one thing that I always grab is the map, its cool to always keep one just for a reminder. To save for yourself if you make a scrap book or just to keep.

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Music time

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Check out my family Playlist that gets us in the mood to go on our vacation. 

Me and my family that also includes my parent , we pay the family share plan for all of us to have music on our apple devices. Its nice to just have the one bill and we all have the music we need.

what song am I listening too?
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Just to let you know with Apple they do give you a three month trial to try it out to see if you like. There are different plans that you can pick from as well.

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One thing that I do with my family is when it because a week, or even a few days away from us getting ready to go on our vacation we have a Disney Playlist that we listen too. To help us get in the mood for our vacation. I have soundtracks from most Disney Movies, and all through our house it sounds like Disney. I have music from the Disney Channel and even Disney Junior show so that we really can’t wait to go. I know just for me it helps me get ready for all the magic I know is going to happen on the vacation. I also love that as a family we can sing together and just have a good time and even make more memories. It also helps with packing and keeps me going, and double check the list to make sure I have everything pack for me and the kids (also the Hubby).

What is your favorite Disney Song?

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Naomi Explaining Her Vacation

Naomi Did a video of herself explain what she does on the Family Vacations and what she enjoys as well on the vacations as well. I feel like you will get to know more of my children personalities while you watch.

My daughter is the greatest to go on a vacation with. She is not a rider, but she loves to shop. She is kind and thoughtful, she always remembers her friends and even her Teacher, while she is on vacation. She is always smiling on the trip besides the plane and when she is tired. I’m always waiting to see what is going to catch her eye while we are on vacation, and I’m always crossing my fingers that she is going to want to get on a new ride with me. I’m glad to hear her call my name when she is sees something she likes. I love catching glimpse of her and my parents and the memories she is making with them. One of my favorite memories with Naomi is when we were in Epcot and she told me ” I just want stay with you mommy” . I almost cried because it was so sweet. She makes it worth going every year.

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Animal Kingdom McDonald’s Fries Huts (NO LONGER THERE)

Nay Nay explaining about the fries huts.

One of the places that I use to love to get a snack from at Disney’s Animal Kingdom was the fries hut. They were located in the Dino Land park of the park.They are no longer there, (so you won’t see them there). What I remember most is how hot and fresh the fries were. They were so salty and good, and it was a nice snack to eat while you waited in line for a ride. I remember being in line and sharing fries with my family while we waited for the ride. Just one of my memories about my vacation.

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These are NO longer here (I don not own the rights to this picture)
Image result for dinoland animal kingdom mcdonald fries huts

These are NO longer here (I don not own the rights to this picture)