Tower of Terror

Me my brother ozsie and my parent’s riding back in 1995

This is Aliyah waiting in line. We waited in this line for almost 4 hours. Aliyah looks bored waiting in line can you tell?

Nay Nay Explaining Tower of Terror

This is the song that place while you watch on a small TV. listen to the song so your able to try and recognize it when you go.


FYI this is a ride that my father no longer rides anymore. Don’t bother asking him because he will not ride it. One of my favorite rides at Disney Hollywood Studios is Terror of Tower. It’s a hotel theme, and it looks like the hotel has been abounded and you get to ride an elevator .The windows open and you can see out of the window and then before you know it, you will drop. It has the theme of the twilight zone . One thing that they use to have to have was a lap bar, and now they have just seat belt and you feel like you are being lifted from your seat. Remember to smile for the camera because this ride does take your picture . Thomas doesn’t mind the wait because you are hanging out with your family.

Thomas Rating for the ride is 8.5/10

One funny fact about this picture is that me and Thomas were looking at each other and we didn’t know we were looking at each other, because it is dark.


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