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This is were the magic begins

We rode this ride in 2018. We (Naynay, Thomas, Naomi, Aliyah, and Grandma) waited 4 hours to ride this ride, its located at the Animal Kingdom Park. You walk through a jungle like theme, and then you have a cave theme, and then you have a science lab theme.It started to go by fast, the wait time seem liked nothing, and then it started to slow sown, and then the wait started to feel like forever, At one point I was looking for the nearest exist because I was just done waiting. Grandma felt the wait time was unreal, but i met fellow UTAHAN. Where else except Disney World. Thomas kinda liked it because we got to relax with the family and laugh.

In the year 2021 the wait time was not that bad. It was just Me, Thomas, Naomi, and my niece Ionyah. It was fun over all. Naomi is still not a big fan of the ride, but everyone else likes the ride. The pictures below are what we took while waiting in line.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

if you rode this ride please rate it

Then you get into this chamber where they start to explain the ride to you, and then you wait a few more minutes in the chambers as well, at that point you really just want to get on the ride. and then Once we got on the ride Naomi started to cry and me and grandma had to try and keep her clam the whole time. You wear 3-D glasses and you get to ride your own Na’vi , over all the ride is worth the wait.

Thomas rating of the ride is 10/10

we did not ride this ride it was a 3 hr wait time, in 2019

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