Space Mountain

Me Aliyah and Thomas on space mountain

One of the rides that is still fun to ride is SPACE MOUNTAIN. It’s at Disney World and it is also at Disney Land located in Tomorrowland. FYI this ride is located in California and Florida. Its a ride that is in the dark. The ride holds up to six people, and you have the ride of your life, in the dark. You see stars and that is it. You can’t see when there is a drop, or when there is a turn remember your in the dark. It was a 125 min. wait (this year 2018). The wait is worth it It doesn’t have big drops, but it has sharp turns, and just remember your in the dark.
The ride gives you a space feeling

Thomas rating for this ride is a 9/10

The ride is getting ready to start
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This is wear you will take a seat
I do not own the copy rights to this picture

Space Mountain inspired slime

when you ride this ride its in the dark, and all you see is stars this was the idea for the slime


One of my favorite memories for this ride, is I did not meet the height requirements and I started crying because my brothers (Ozsie and Harold) my mom, and my cousins (Shelly and Brittnee) were all able to ride. Right next to space mountain was an arcade and I remember my father taking me over to the arcade and he pulled a $5.00 bill out of his wallet and he put it in the change machine and he asked me what game I wanted to play first. I remember they got off the ride and came over to the arcade and they said they were done and I almost started to cry because I had to leave the arcade.

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