Rewards points to help with the purchase of a plane ticket

One thing about planning a vacation is that you try your hardest to find the cheapest flight. One way to make it cheaper is to have rewards. Most airlines offer rewards. The main two I use is Southwest and JetBlue. So to make it more easy for me and my family to travel is that i made a spreed sheet like this, to keep all the information I would need. Its all in one place and it’s easy not to miss someone Make sure you always try and sign up for the free point rewards because you never know what airline, you might have to take for the cheapest flight. After awhile these points could pay for a ticket for one member of the family.


Southwest Card
You can pull everyone up with the Rapid Rewards Number, to check the points. so make sure you make the password easy to remember. (For my family we all have the same password)
BARBARA   Southwest Rapid Rewards Number
Southwest Rapid Rewards Number
Southwest Rapid Rewards Number
Southwest Rapid Rewards Number
Southwest Rapid Rewards Number
Jet blue rewards name for the card
Its called a Pool and its allows up to 7 member plus the leader of the pool, able to collect all the points together, and if they are under the age of 13,they will be joined with the primary account holder.
BARBARA   True Blue number   Email
Naomi   True Blue Number   Email
Nehemiah   True Blue Number   Email
Aliyah   True Blue Number   Email
Thomas   True Blue Number   Email


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