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So one tradition that me and my family do is that we always go to ALL YOU CANT EAT SEAFOOD BUFFET!!!!

We use to go to a buffet place called Angel (do bother looking it up its closed down). Then my Parents found one called Boston Lobster Feast. (will add some of the locations on the bottom of the post). We always like to go to the all you can eat like the 2nd or 3rd day that we are there, because we go to Florida around the Thanksgiving Holiday. I know when we go we enjoy the conversation and just spending time together. I know when me and my brother were younger we would try to see who could eat the most. Now that I’m older I like to talk, enjoy my family, and eat. I Have only been here twice and the two times I have been there I have really enjoy the food and myself.

Thomas Explaining how he felt about the place

One thing that I like is that you are able to serve yourself. You able to try new food and you just don’t have to order just one thing.

If you are planning on eating here just make sure you come comfortable and ready to eat


8731 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819



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