Shades of Green

Address: 1950 Magnolia Palm Dr, Winter Garden, FL 34787 

the hotel keys to shade of green in 2005

When my parents took me to Disney world we never had a hotel that we liked, I just knew we would be staying at one and I always wanted to make sure there was a pool, but other then that I didn’t care.

The back of flyer.
Shades of Green Flyer

Now that I’m older me and my parents like staying at the hotel called Shades of Green. The only way your able to stay at this Hotel is with someone who has a Military ID card. ( My father has it, he was in the Navy, he has retired from it). Just trying to have Thomas get his benefits so he can have his military card and we can still stay there.

Its nice because they have a shuttle that will take you to all four theme parks, so you don’t have to pay for parking, the buses run every 15 minutes.

overall it just a nice place to stay and relax.

Thomas thought the hotel is beautiful

These pictures are the express check out receipt so it shows that your room is paid in full and you are free to go on your way, to get on your back home because the fun is now over

Naomi and Aliyah Explaining what they liked about the shades of Green
Naomi is talking about their YouTube pages towards the ends.
this is the bill for 2005

One thing that the kids liked at the hotel is that there is a statue of Mickey Mouse and you can take pictures with it and my kids love to do that as well.

The room is big enough to fit the electric scooters inside.

Here is a lay out of the map that I got from the shades of green website. link is below

Nehemiah’s toys in the bed

Make sure you always fine time for a selfie

Hotel memories


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