Month: March 2019

$$$$Million Dollars$$$

I remember me and my brother ozsie wanted to ride Splash Mountain and one of Disney World Employee asked my mother did she have a Million Dollars, and my mother told her yes, and she told us to follow her, and we followed her and before we knew it, we were in the front of…

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Disney Junior

One thing that I liked at Disney Hollywood Studios is that they have a Disney Junior side. They have a show for the kids as well and they also have a meet and greet for some of the big Disney Junior characters. FYI its hard for the children to wait to see some of their…

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E. T. Adventure Ride Here is the soundtrack to the Movie and you can even hear the music on the ride. When I was a kid this was one of my favorite rides, and I remember I wanted to be in the middle, the one that had the basket because it use to have E.T. in…

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