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This image is to get you in the Simpson mood. You have the donuts backpack and the gift card holders as well.
This is to help you get in the Springfield mood. we have for friends or family members who want to send you with a gift card, can with the inspired donuts gift card holder. while your on vacation you will need a snack and we have the snack containers for you as well. check these items out on our store.
Naomi’s view

The Simpsons Ride is a simulator ride featured at the Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood theme parks. The ride is based on the animated television series The Simpsons. It was first announced in 2007 and replaced Back to the Future: The Ride at both locations.

At Universal Studios, they have Springfield, and you get to be a neighbor in Springfield. One thing that I like is that it has the ionic places that you see on the TV. You get to hear Bart sing his song “Do the Bart Man”. If you would like to try a DUFF Beer you can, why not even a Krusty Burger too.

Its cool to walk through and see what I use to watch on TV at 6:30 PM MST. There is rides as well, it not just a walk through.

The Simpsons Rides

This is the view from waiting in line for the Simpson Ride
when your entering the ride to wait in line.
Image result for the simpson ride
This is where you get in to enjoy the ride

Image result for the simpson ride
Your looking at a screen and the ride moves, up and down, side to side

You can meet Kursty the Clown and Sideshow Bob, Lisa, Brat, Homer.

Krusty the Clown
Sideshow Bob

Hope when you go hope you enjoy the sites and the rides.

Simpson inspired backpacks

inspired by the donut


Pong Ball

Take a bit of Springfield home with you, and make more memories.


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