Splash Mountain: Can you handle the drop?

We didn’t have the time to record because of our younger children being scared. So we have found a video on youtube for you to see

One of the rides that I enjoy riding with my family was Splash Mountain. We actually rode it twice one time with me and my fiance and my daughters, and then the second time my parents and my son. My daughter Naomi was a little nervous at first, but I told it not that scary. The wait time for the rides was 75 mins. Aliyah and Naomi kept playing and talking to each other while we waited in line. We waited so long that we had enough time to buy a COKE. We made it to the person who ask you how many have in your party, Naomi and Aliyah told her 4, and Naomi told me that she wanted to ride with me and I told her that it was fine. We loaded into the log, and put the lap bar down over our legs and we waited for the ride to start. Naomi sat really close to me and, she wrapped her arms around mine. I checked on her through out the ride. I could see that she was really enjoying the ride, but I was wondering was she going to be able to handle the big splash. Over all I was surprise she handled it just fine. Then after we finished the ride, Naomi ran towards my parents and she said that she wanted them to ride it with her. My parents didn’t really want to get wet, and my mom was trying to get out of waiting, so she said check and see if Nehemiah is tall enough to ride it, me and Naomi went to measure Nehemiah, and when the lady said he could ride it, Naomi ran towards my parents and said come on, The line now was a 45 min wait, and now everyone was waiting in line to ride Splash Mountain, and Nehemiah was playing all through the line, and then since my parents were on Jazzy (electric Scooter) we had to enter to the ride a different way, so that cut some time off the wait, and then this time Naomi wanted to ride with Aliyah, my parent’s rode together, and me, Nehemiah, and my fiance rode together. Nehemiah was just glad to ride the ride and to be honest overall we enjoy the ride. You can bring your cell phone just an FYI your phone might get wet.

This is a picture of his waiting in line to ride the splash mountain ride
Waiting in line for splash mountain throwback this is my brother Harold Head (throw back)
more pictures of us waiting in line and the background.
This picture is with some of the characters from splash mountain

Opened: July 17, 1989

Height: 89′

This is on the my Disney experience app 2019

Duration:  10 Min.

Height restriction: 3′ 4″

Max speed: 40 mph

This is a big drop that you wait for while your on the ride.
This is in California year 1997
This is the big drop picture again
Mother, Me, and Ozsie is behind me this was the year 2015 at Disney World

Naomi best part is the front row and the drop. It’s just better. Naomi says remember you will get wet.

splash Mountain 2019
throw back
Thomas Explaining Splash Mountain
Naomi Explaining her view
Mom explains the ride

This is the map helper we used for our vacation 2019.

here is the link for the map helper for Disney World

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Well I’m a mother of two and I enjoy taking my kids to Disney World, and making so many memories with them. What I enjoy about going to these places. Everything will be about the magical places of visiting them.

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