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History Of My Family Vacations

Dad, Brothers (Harold and Ozsie) and me

I remember every November I couldn’t wait for my family Vacation. My parents would take me, my siblings, my cousins, and at one point my friend to either Disney World or Disney Land. My parent would switch between the two theme parks. We did good too different parks like Universal Studios, Knott Berry Farm, and ETC. I even been able to see the beaches as well. My parent took me from ages 3-17.

I remember how magical it felt being there. How I could never stop smile. Even though i been so many times, it felt brand new every time I went. I felt like a princess. I felt like anything was possible just because I was at Disney.

I remember that I didn’t mind waiting in line to ride the rides, i was just happy to be there. I remember some of the places we would go and eat and some of the conversation around the table as we ate.

I remember the parades and the fireworks and always thinking to myself, there is no place like it. I remember the feeling every time I had to leave I felt like a piece of me was no longer happy.

Then I had my daughter and the one tradition I wanted to bring back was going on a family vacation. I talked to my parents and they were on board. Even as adult I have the same feeling, that I had when I was a kids. I’m also glad that I’m making memories for my kids like my parents did for me.

This blog is to show you about family vacation, well mostly mine and hope you enjoy the information from me to you.

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Coca-Cola Drinks

One thing that is really cool at Epcot is the trying all the different Cola drinks from around the world. Some are good, some have a bitter taste, and some are just not good at all. it’s fun to try the different Cola Drinks. This has always been one of my favorite parts at Epcot, I think it’s a fun way to spend time with family and it brings a lot of laughs. Its not really big it has about 5 or 6 different drinks you can try.

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Snap Chat Filters

One thing that my kids a lot with the pictures they took is use the snap chat filters. They use it to have fun. This is a fun way to pass time in the car and even when your waiting in line for the rides. I also think this is a cute way to dress up as well and not have to put all the work of make and changes clothes as well.

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Storm Force Accelatron

This is one of Naomi’s favorite ride to ride. Naomi can ride this ride over and over. Especially if I’m riding the Hulk ride. She can ride this ride over and over. This ride reminds me of the Mad Tea Cups at Disney World. How you can spin it, you can even make yourself dizzy on this ride. Me Thomas and Aliyah and of course Naomi rode this ride right after we rode the Hulk and this ride kinda made me sick. Just in FYI Storm was my favorite from the X-men. You can take your phone on this ride.

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One ride that is a family ride is the transformers. It’s a 4-D ride. you have to save the planet. You see all the different transformers. The rides jerk a lot. (Naomi was scared of this ride and even the spider-man ride). Thomas said he was not able to really enjoy the ride because he was making sure Naomi was okay and was able to get through the ride as best as she could .You do save the world by the way. Remember to keep your glasses on. you can take your phone on this ride, just remember this is a 3-D ride.

Bumble Bee
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Nehemiah’s Toy

One thing I do for my youngest son is buy him toys at the theme park, because he can’t ride a lot of the rides, but that is changing this year. so He got more toys then I think he should, but I love to see his face light up every time he realized he was going to get the Toys. I hope this year I can get my kids to ride more and I won’t have to hit the gift shops as much. Nehemiah’s had the plush toys and even the collectible figures as well. Nehemiah got Aladdin, Inside out, Mickey and Friends, and much much more.

Had to make sure his toys got a good night sleep

He even has the toys dancing with him at Epcot.