Mickey Statue

At the Shades of Green resort there is this Mickey Statue and the kids all love to go towards it take pictures and even climb on it. The statue hasn’t change at all. The kids still enjoy getting there pictures taken on it. 2015 pictures with the statue 2018 pictures 2019 pictures 2021 pictures

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IT’Sugar: Large Candy

One place that we we sent to was the candy store with the large candy. Nehemiah got his eye cut by Nova and he really wanted to go but the pain from his eye stop him for really enjoying the candy place. That’s why he is not in a lot of picture and me as…

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The Rush Funplex

I have saw this place a few times while I was out and about, so I thought I should take the kids to this place. Some things were good and some thigs about this place was crappy. You have to pay for 1-3 hours the best one is the 3 hours because it cost 25.00…

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